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The chance of us go down below this moving ordinary again, was a considerably diminished, and I still stand with that word. I think that it's very, extremely unlikely that Bit-coin is going listed below that amount , but there is more actually, if you go to the daily timeframe. Um, also take a look at the, uh, 200 every day moving ordinary as well as the 20 everyday moving average.

What we find here is the fact that, uh, the, the red line, that's the 200 every day given resistance, just a small bit of support directly now, but we neglected to hold . We broke again. Uh, we have rejected right there, got a small correction, but now we are decisively above it. We've got a daily closure, also we've even seen consolidation above this 200 every day.

That's really bullish. Um, and also the 200 dailies kernel is sitting down eight point 8,000, however we have to remember that last moment we broke over the moving average, uh, we did indeed break down below it . So, um, let us say it is bullish, but, um, it potential that we could encounter down again, a dip down to the 20-week.

Get supported , fill out the gap. Possibly that's, it is still a potential scenario that we receive a correction in the next few months. And let me just show you what I am talking. Personally I think that we have been on in an up trend, but that I still think that it's potential that Bit-coin is definitely going to accomplish some thing in this way is much more correction and they'd go upward and maybe even a rust from such levels, and then we would increase.

Um, nothing can only go in a, at an eternal up trend. We are in need of corrections even if we are going bullish in the next few months. But I do wish to figure out we did see this nice, uh, bullish cross of this 20 each day and also the 200 everyday. And the past time we got a bearish cross was right there. And this marked this, U M.

Period of the will, a bearish price actions. We were below the 200 daily and we have been making this non a and the main part here's to look in the previous period we got a bullish crossover since past time we got a bullish cross involving these two which marked the pretty much exact beginning of the massive bull streak up to 14,000 and look at this ever since this specific moment at which we now obtained this bullish cross, Bit coin travelled upward.

A 160% in 76 times. I am not stating that we all see happen again, but let us simply play with the idea. In 76 times if people had been to really go up a 100 and I am 60% there, limiters zoom out as that is just what I'm going to have to do this. So they could go 160 percent in a second 70 days, roughly could, uh, put Bitcoin at around $24,000.